Ardent Lift (Nova) Decarboxylator
Ardent Lift (Nova) Decarboxylator

Ardent Lift (Nova) Decarboxylator


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The revolutionary Ardent Lift/Nova puts the science of Decarboxylation at your fingertips.  Odorless and simple to use, the Lift activates all varieties of herbs for instant consumption. No more guesswork, just the confidence that you're getting it right every time.  Do more with and get more out of your herbs.  The Lift Herbal Decarboxylator has taken care of the science so you can enjoy the benefits.

Easy to use - one-touch system means you can effortlessly decarb flowers, pollen or extracts.

Consistent - Elite electronics, a hi-tech thermal blanket and dual precision sensors create the perfect decarb conditions for any variety or form of botanicals.

Fully Activated - Enjoy full activation for maximum potency and easy dosing. No guesswork or confusion about the quality of your herbs.


Make your own Topicals for better Health & Wellness

From lotions and salves to toners and soaps, the Lift/Nova makes anyone an expert at making infused topicals for health and wellness. 

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