Bonnie Autoflower Vegetation Stage Nutrient

Bonnie Autoflower Vegetation Stage Nutrient


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Nitrogen-6 (N)

Bonnie has high nitrogen which is crucial when a new auto flower is establishing itself and starting to grow leaves, stems, roots, and other above and below-ground features. If your auto flower doesn’t receive enough Nitrogen it can significantly slow down its growth and can grow weak and pale. Bonnie is great because it has all the nitrogen you need to get your plant through the vegetative stage without worrying about too much Nitrogen.

Phosphorus- 5 (P)

During the vegetation stage, autoflowers  can use a lot of Phosphorus (P). Bonnie has your plant’s back and will provide them with the P they need. Just like Nitrogen, if an auto flower doesn’t receive enough Phosphorus it can significantly slow down its growth.

Potassium- 4 (K)

Potassium is required in the iron form (K+) by autoflowering strains, however it's generally found in K20 form in fertilizers. If you don't provide enough potassium to your cannabis plants, they will experience problems.


 * Bonnie & Clyde are custom-made for each other and should be used together for maximum effect. 

For the first week of the plant's life, use 0.5mL per litre of water. Use 4mL per litre of water until you notice the first indications of pre-flower development, then transition to Clyde. For a more detailed feed chart visit our website. All feeding recommendations are based off using RO water with a PPM of 0 and a pH of 7.0.

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