Clyde Autoflower Flowering Stage Nutrient

Clyde Autoflower Flowering Stage Nutrient


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Flowering Stage Nutrients

Bonnie & Clyde is the world's first two-part liquid fertilizer designed specifically for growing Autoflowers!   Bonnie's job is to develop the plant during the vegetation stage of growth to get it ready for flower, while Clyde is released once the plant starts to flower. The result? Massive autoflowering resin production which glistens with trichomes! 

Clyde is released once the plant starts to flower. His job is to maximize resin and essential oil production so that your plant can really shine! Clyde's formula contains a special matrix of powerful enhancers which will cause every gland bearing part of your plant to work overtime, producing massive amounts of resin which glistens with trichomes.

Clyde contains all the essential micro- and macro-nutrients needed for a full flower cycle. In addition, he contains an abundance of powerful enhancers which promote heavy resin production.


 * Bonnie & Clyde are custom-made for each other and should be used together for maximum effect. 

Use 4mL per litre of water for the first week of pre-flowering. Use 5.5mL per litre of water up until a week before flushing. For a more detailed feed chart visit our website. All feeding recommendations are based off using RO water with a PPM of 0 and a pH of 7.0.

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