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CNS17 Grow is highly concentrated and cost effective while still providing elevated levels of essential elements proven critical to optimize plant growth.  The proper ratio of nitrogen to potassium supports increased root development and sturdier vegetative growth to build the foundation for bigger, vigorous plants.  CNS17 is made using a proprietary fertilizer production technology which allows it to contain sufficient levels of micro and macronutrients in a single bottle, while remaining stable in a highly concentrated suspension.


CNS-17 Bloom is highly concentrated, cost effective, and produces premium results for the commercial grower and hobbyist.  Formulated for all grow media, the NPK ration in CNS17 Bloom was designed to provide specific critical elements to supports heavily flowering crops.  This allows phosphorus and potassium levels to be maximized without leading to toxicity or nutrient burn.CNS17 Bloom formula also combines calcium, sulfates, and trace minerals to provide a complete and balanced spectrum of plant nutrients throughout the entire bloom phase.


CNS17 Ripe is a highly concentrated, economical nutrient that produces premium results for both commercial and small scale growers.  The Ripe Formula was developed to maximize crop potential and quality in fruiting and flowering plants during the final growth phase.  Replacing CNS17 Bloom with CNS17 Ripe for the final two weeks before harvest reduces nitrogen to a minimum level while maintaining phosphorus and potassium within ideal ranges.  This specialty formula promotes ripening along with increased flower size, density, and essential oil production.


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