EYE Hortilux 1000W Super HPS Grow Lamp

EYE Hortilux 1000W Super HPS Grow Lamp


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EYE Hortilux focuses on designing and manufacturing quality grow lamps and ballasts that produce supplemental or artificial light for indoor plant growth. EYE Hortilux grow lamps and ballasts are used in a wide variety of indoor growing applications from greenhouse professionals to the home hobbyist. 

The exclusive EYE Hortilux super HPS spectrum provides 17% more overall spectral energy, and 25% more violet, blue, and green spectrum than standard HPS lamps. This results in better overall plant growth and yield. 

Traditionally High Pressure Sodium lamps have been used for flowering and fruit production. Hortilux HPS lamps were designed with enough violet, blue, and green spectrum to be used as a standalone light source throughout all phases of plant production. 

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