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iFog Vortex
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iFog Vortex


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The new iFog Vortex is the most innovative, versatile vape pen on the market.

The iFog Vortex was conceived and designed in Canada by a true vape innovator who has designed and assisted with the design of many of the most popular brands in the portable vaporizing industry.

To create the iFog Vortex, many beginner and experienced portable vaporizer users were surveyed to determine what features were considered to be important features. This feedback, combined with our own list of requirements, allowed us to invent a pen unlike any other on the market.

  • Even heating achieved by the side-by-side Triple Quartz coil in ceramic-lined bowl
  • Magnetic connection between mouthpiece and atomizer base
  • Atomizer base with adjustable airflow
  • Air cooling heat-sink fins help disperse heat to keep battery and battery button cooler
  • Food grade removeable mouthpiece tip
  • One-turn coil cap with knurled grip for easy  removal
  • 3-heat setting battery with magnetic base
  • Long-lasting, 1400mAh “A” grade 3-heat setting battery
  • 3 easy-to-see heat setting lights
  • Removeable silicone-lined wax storage container
  • Overcharge protection
  • The iFOG Vortex pen is compatible with:
    • Yocan Evolve Plus (QDC & Ceramic) coils
    • Yocan Regen coil
    • Yocan Magneto coil
    • Yocan Evolve Plus XL coil
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