Killer Weed Coloring Book

Killer Weed Coloring Book


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Puff, puff, and pass it on! You've finally found the colouring pages to soothe (or stoke) your inner (or outer) freak. Whether you are a casual fan of stoner culture or a founding member, this is the colouring book for you. Born from the mind of and attentively drawn by the wildly popular internationally recognized cannabis-friendly artist known as TROG, this super cool, irreverent colouring book is filled with insanely psychedelic pages to colour.

"TROG's a great artist. He can stay in between the lines. This colouring book gets an A+ and a smiley face." --Tommy Chong

The Killer Weed Colouring Book Features:

  • 60 brand new pieces of hand-drawn colouring book pages for coloured pencils, markers, crayons, watercolours and more
  • Single-sided, thick, high-quality paper
  • Features all the insane images, characters and themes TROG is known for
  • This colouring book is for the wacked, the weird, and the weed-loving Adults only
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