Heavy Weight

Heavy Weight


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Heavy Weight is liquid sulphured molasses and is intended for use in soil and growth mediums. It is generally not used in hydroponics. That said, molasses can be used in feeding solutions to balance pH, to stabilize the pH and to reduce the electrical conductivity of the solution. It is often given as a supplement for trace elements such as iron. As a carbon source in plants, it helps to balance the carbon and nitrogen ratio and can act as a catalyst effect to increase the uptake of plant nutrients.

Molasses is about 50% sugar by weight, predominantly sucrose, but contains significant amount of glucose and fructose. It also contains Biotin (Coenzyme R, Vitamin H or Vitamin B7) for cell growth. The non-sugar element in molasses include many plant salts of potassium, calcium, oxalate, and trace elements such as copper, iron, manganese, zinc, and boron. As a soil additive, it promotes healthy aerobic microbial activity.

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