Purimax Instant Max Cleanser Release Gels

Purimax Instant Max Cleanser Release Gels


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  • Day Of Detox.
  • 2 Soft Release Gels.
  • Maximum Strength.

Purimax Instant Max Cleanser Releasegels is scientifically formulated with a proprietary Releasegel technology to be up to 5 times stronger and work faster than any other pre-mixed liquid, capsule, or tablet. Simply take the 2 ReleaseGels. Fill the 32oz bottle that is included and drink the intire contents. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, but do not excess. Urinate frequently to expel pollutants. Avoid food for at least 3 hours before using this product and drink water before and after using. This detox is meant for people with high toxin level and people over 200lbs.

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